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Dr. Parthapratim.  He exposes himself in such name i.e. without surname.  This is his first revolt against such caste, creed and religion of so called society. Since the very boyhood he has been integrally attached with various scientific movement.  He actively takes part in different Health and Science seminar both in Eastern India and All  India.  He has been accredited with lots of appreciation from Neelam Sanjib Reddy, the then Honorable President of India, for his invention of Water Telescope. Smt. Shila Dikshit, Mr. S. B. Chawan and other central Ministers too applauded this invention. In 1988, he was trained in Scientific Journalism and Mass-media from ‘The Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science’. This program was sponsored by The Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. For two successive years in 1991 and 1992, Dr.Parthapratim was inducted the Chief Coordinator of All India Science Club Conference.  In 1991 he, on behalf of the eastern India, took part in a National debate program on ‘Ecology and Spirituality’ in Nagpur. 


        He played the role of demonstrator for West Bengal in All India Student conference at Vijaywara.  His impact is not confined only in the organizational level.  His essays, short-stories, poetry, his humours and funny puzzles are frequently published in all esteemed and widely circulated dailies and periodicals such as the Ananda Bazar Patrika, Aajkal, Sananda, Ganashakti, Bartaman, Uttar Banga Sambad, Jnan Bijnan, Jnan Bichitra (Tripura), Masik Janaswasthya (a popular monthly health journal of Bangladesh).  He is the regular contributor in the page of health of the Uttar Banga Sambad & Sambad.  He edited the ‘Passport’, Science based printed wall-magazine.  He participated in Science programs several times in Television and All India Radio, Kolkata and Siliguri.  He sometimes spoke of the basics of Technology, sometimes his discussion about environment or mass-health are heard in the floating waves of ether.  Dr. Parthapratim was honored with ‘Science Award’ by DVC, which was conferred by Prof. Nurul Hassan, the then Honorable Governor of West Bengal for outstanding contribution in the filed of Science popularization among the mass.  He has been empowered legal recognition to use personal radio transmission by the director of communication, Govt. of India. His conversation with Late Rajiv Gandhi through this HAM Radio exalted him in the zenith of satisfaction of using radio.  N.C.E.R.T, Govt. of India has given him ‘Merit Award’ in 1980.  In the meantime he has bagged ‘National Science Day Award-2002’, ‘Kirat Bhumi Award’, Ovation from North Bengal Dramatic World, Science Awareness Replica Award 2004-05.  Anandolok, a fortnight issue of ABP House, honored Dr. Parthapatim by rewarding him ‘Salam Bengal’ in September 2011.The eminent daily, the Ananda Bazar Patrika, published a vast essay on him entitling ‘Uttarer Nayak’ (Hero of North Bengal) on 7th April 2004. 

        In order to remove superstitions from the mind of the common people of Dooars, to make the tribal community hygiene and environment conscious he set up a science based voluntary organization named ‘Dooars Exploration and Advancement Reveille’, in short ‘DEAR’.  The popularity of ‘DEAR’ is increasing day by day.  He is still in a responsible position in other similar social organizations.  His book ‘Hridayer Katha’(the story of heart)  is related with Heart diseases and Cardiac care.  This book created magic spell upon the mass immediate after its publication.  It was appreciated in the Ananda Bazar Patrika, Desh Patrika, Weekly Bartaman, Aajkal and in many more leading Patrika and Magazine.  

        He is habituated in gardening, photography, viewing open sky through telescope etc.  In the gap of his hectic life of medical practitioner, he used to roam about every nook and corner of villages and rural areas. His pivotal role in celebrating ‘Dooars Day’ to maintain racial harmony made a great positive impact to retain peace upon the people of Dooars at the time of racial turmoil during Gorkhaland Movement in the year 2011.  Round the clock he dreams of a world free from diseases, discriminations and superstitions.  He presents before us every inch of human body through color transparency Projector.  This includes cardiac dieses, High low blood pressure, different information related with diabetics, the treatment as well as remedial measures.  It is coupled with songs and background music along with the melodious speech of Dr. Parthapratim.  In the language of Dr. Parthapratim- “Thorough Knowledge about diseases, proper diet, restricted and regulated life style can resist any kind of fatal diseases.  Forgetting all about social cult and ritual gestures, clear Health Awareness and its proper application can prevent premature death”. He conducts total program free of cost.


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